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It’s amazing the things we remember. I was 12 years old, playing first base for the CJ Murphy team in the Bayonne Little League championship game. Tommy Wise, who was a great basketball and baseball player (later played briefly for the Montreal Expos), was on the mound for us. It was the bottom of the […]

The Barn

The barn. That barn reminds me of family. It’s where my daughters and their friends played basketball and soccer growing up. It’s where our family and friends congregate when they visit. It’s where I work out whenever I get the chance. It also symbolizes why I agreed to start IPZ. It was family all over […]

Memories of a Funeral… and Leadership

There are some things I remember from my childhood. Not a lot…but those that have stuck, stuck well. One is a memory of a funeral service for Walter Kimbrough. Walter was the lead groundskeeper for the Bayonne Housing Authority. My dad was the executive director. On Saturdays and Sundays when dad would go to the […]

True Teambuilding

I’m always stunned by the “teambuilding” exercises corporations use to energize and motivate management. Some are outstanding…others better suited for the academic scrap pile. One of the best I’ve seen is the FDNY’s – the opportunity for a management team to spend a day learning how to manage a real crisis – a raging fire […]