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New GM? Dave Weighs In

Time will tell. OK – you’ve heard that one before. But it’s especially fitting when taking a look at Brodie Van Wagenen being named the New York Mets’ new General Manager. So we decided to talk with our baseball guy, Dave Pepe, about his thoughts. Dave is no slouch to baseball. His dad was the lead […]

First Impressions Go a Long Way

A guy walked into a room… No, not a joke. It’s about first impressions. We deal with clients every day…and meet potential clients regularly. How someone enters a room sets the tone for the meeting. Consider our experience last week. A major American brand exec is late for a dinner meeting. But he is so apologetic […]

Good News to End the Year

The end of 2017 brought some good news to Zito Partners and IPZ. At Zito Partners, Deborah Kostroun has been promoted to Managing Director of our firm. Deborah has done outstanding work for our clients, and her work ethic on their behalf has been exemplary. It is well deserved for the Texas native, who spent […]

Eli Manning and a Lesson in Leadership

(and why 57 years of rooting for this franchise just imploded) Class Act. Important description in any commentary. Eli Manning is a Class Act. No, he’s not the best quarterback; probably far from it. Yes, he’s had some great games…and been the quarterback on two Super Bowl winning teams. But he was the first to […]

The Kids Are Alright

Don’t go looking at the lyrics from The Who’s often-covered song, one that always made me wonder if I was actually listening to The Beatles.  This has nothing to do with that song. Years ago, the firm I was with brought in a college intern from Rutgers.  He was excellent.  So good he was hired […]

Saints Perform Miracles

On large screen televisions in living rooms and bars across the United States Wednesday night, sports fans got to learn first-hand about the “Miracle of St. Anthony,” and the Saint who made it all happen – Bob Hurley. The introduction of Bob (Bob Hurley Wins Best Coach at ESPYS 2017) captured some of the man’s […]

Faith? I Lost Mine Last Week.

I was speaking with a good friend Thursday about the Catholic Church. He’s left it. I’m right behind him. He and his wife gave up when his local parish kept asking for money, and they saw no improvements in their church…the school…or their programs. Turns out the money was going to settlements the Church had […]

March Insanity…But What About The Students?

One of the most fun – but most scrutinized – jobs in sports has to be picking the 68 teams in the NCAA basketball tournament. The pundits suggest the group got the 68 right this year…although with the usual complaints from those who didn’t make it and are instead relegated to the NIT. But in […]

Lies My Father Told Me

No, my dad never lied to me. In fact, he’s the person I’ve most respected for my entire life. Back in 1975 or ’76, I was back in New Jersey for a day courting my future bride. I had the day off from my sports writing job, and we decided to take in the above […]

Revis Island – Another Perspective

I board a late flight one night in early 2016 from Newark to Fort Lauderdale — had a couple of meetings in Florida and took a day on each side for some work in the sun. I sit in my seat and the guy next to me — dressed well and very polite — nods […]